Clash of Clans news

20 Jul 2019

View of the bonus list of the challenges ahead of the season

20 Jul 2019


The Clan Games start 22 July. So be sure to join a Clan to participate and win incredible rewards!

If your Clan is recruiting, post your clan id and requirements/description in the comments below so that other Clashers can find you! 🤜🤛
17 Jul 2019

It’s time to step up our commitment to Fair Play and provide a level playing field for everyone.

The use of bots has always been against our Terms of Service and subject to disciplinary action. We have worked hard in the past on an automated detection system which helps us to identify accounts utilizing bots to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

We’re in the process of implementing and testing this new system. Consider this a warning! After a grace period of several weeks we will start to issue permanent bans to any account identified to be using bots.

-The Clash of Clans Team