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Hey Chief, we're doing a quick maintenance to fix the recent issue with crashes during Clan Games that affected a small group of players. We will be back up and running in no time!

The next Clan Games "Resource Raid" are one hour away! All tasks associated with collecting resources or destroying collectors will give double points!


In this first episode of Clash-A-Rama Season 2, rumors of a sunken treasure send a Wizard on a deep ocean expedition. A Village’s troops goes on strike, forcing a Barbarian King and Archer Queen to improvise. Plus, how to make a Golem!


Chief, earn a Builder Potion during the Sorcerous Storm event! Get Wizards and Rage Spell at a discount and create storms of sorcery during this event.


Clan Games are here once again! And in celebration of our 6th Clashiversary 🎂, all challenges will earn you double points to help you reach higher award tiers and win more rewards! 🎉


We will have a maintenance break in approx 45 minutes to do some server upkeep, and deploy some fixes related to the Eagle Artillery (no longer deals 3x to Golems, and EA level 3 now deals the correct damage).

Eagle Artillery Fixes + Server Upkeep

Hey Chiefs!

We will have a maintenance break in approximately 1h from the time of this post.

Along with our usual server upkeep, we will deploy two fixes related to the Eagle Artillery:

Eagle Artillery will no longer deal 3x damage to Golems (this change had been announced earlier but due to a bug it never made it to the live version - this will now be fixed);

Eagle Artillery level 3 now deals the correct damage per shot (up to now was dealing the same amount of damage as level 2).

Unfortunately, these two changes will cause the replays to be deleted, we apologize for the inconvenience! We'll keep the downtime as short as possible!


The 6th anniversary of Clash of Clans is just around the corner, and to celebrate the occasion we're having a special round of Clan Games starting tomorrow: all tasks will earn you DOUBLE POINTS!

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