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Live now! Tune in on the exciting conclusion of these CWL wars and maybe learn a trick or two for TH9, TH10 and TH11!!


Hey Chief! We'll have a maintenance break today, it's planned to start within the next 1-2 hours. We're doing some server upkeep wizardry, and the maintenance itself will take a bit longer than usual (approx 40 mins). Thank you for your patience!


Crush your enemies with a 50% discount when training Golems, Wizards and during the GOWIPE event! Live now!


How much Victory Gold do battles give? Why do some players have two battles on War Day?

Learn everything there is to learn about Clan Wars!

Clan Wars Complete Guide by @deckshoppro:


Whether your clan is a veteran or you are brand new to Competitive Clash, Clan Castle League is the place for you! Caters to all clan types! Apply on


Are you already a member of @RedditClash Discord server? A place to chat with fellow Clashers and stay informed of all things Clash of Clans! You can join at: discord app


What's the level of your Battle Machine? 
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Create your own Rascals with @ClayClaim!


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