Hey Chief,

We would like to share some thoughts on the recent introduction of the identifier of the supercell and the advantages in the exchange of game accounts in the new system. We only have some additional questions and answers, tutorials, and updates are coming, but first give us a minute to share some of what we did in relation to the deployment ID of the SuperCell.

Over the last few weeks we have been carefully expanding SuperCell tracking number and check how it performs and to make sure there were no serious problems that require immediate attention. We read your comments and we are constantly improving where we need.

There are several key benefits that come with converting the game code.

The safety of your accounts to prevent you from losing your village

Play on different devices with the same game accounts

The ability to easily switch between multiple game accounts on one device

If you are using multiple accounts, we recommend switching all of your accounts, the ID of the SuperCell. This will make it easier to switch between accounts on one device, instead of having to enter a code every time you played without ID SuperCell.

We have some additional pointers for you.

To begin to use the ID of the supercell in the settings menu, please make sure you have updated to the latest version of clash of clans.

Make sure you use the email address you want to use on your ID SuperCell that you type it correctly and that you have access to that email.

You do not need to set a password as a verification code will be sent to your email address every time you log into a new device.

At the entrance to the existing code of the game, select the “Remember me on this device”, to avoid having to re-enter your credentials when you switch game accounts.

Single Player Campaigns are battles against NPC (Non Player Character) Goblins and their preset villages (internet access is still needed). There are currently 50 Single Player levels, and each level has 3 stars that can be achieved for a maximum possible 150 stars from all levels. Achieving all 150 stars satisfies the "Get those Goblins!" achievement worth a total of 35 Gems. Each level also has varying Gold and Elixir rewards that can be raided from storages and Town Halls. The basic mechanics in the Single Player Campaign are the same as in multiplayer, with the following exceptions:
No player Trophies are won or lost.
There is no time limit.
The number and type of Defensive Buildings do not follow what is available to players and are limited only by the available space. For example, the current final level "Sherbet Towers" has 6 Wizard Towers and dozens of Bombs (only 5 Wizard Towers and 6 Bombs are available at Town Hall level 11).
Defensive Buildings like the X-Bow, Inferno Tower, and the Eagle Artillery are not present in these maps.
There are "decoy" buildings which serve no purpose at all (other than counting towards the percentage).
Attacking (in the Single Player Campaign) will not decrease an active Shield, giving something to do while waiting for collectors.
A battle will not finish in the case of a disconnect. In fact, disconnecting during a battle will prevent a victory even if it had already been achieved; and you will lose all spawned troops.
The attacks on the Single Player Campaign will not give you loot bonuses, unlike multiplayer battles.
A number of the levels have no Air Defenses, Archer Towers or Wizard Towers. That means you can easily complete them with a single Balloon (or other air troop). Be aware that other missions can still be won with 1 Balloon as well; you just have to destroy all the Wizard Towers, Air Defenses and Archer Towers with other troops/spells first.

Below is a list of all Single Player missions and their rewards, along with brief strategies for completing them.

The League Cup final

After 2 fantastic semi-final of the wars, we were finalists and we can't wait! Stay tuned to find out the exact times of the clan wars, also we will let you know as soon as possible what parts of the war, you can watch live!

Our approach to the balance of the card in the Clash Royale is a combination of testing, though not looking at the statistics. You can expect regular balance updates to keep the gameplay fine tuned and as cheerfully as possible.

In this update the balance we need to look at Royal Ghost, Night witch, lava hound and more!

Royal Ghost: damage -6%; delay of invisibility 0.7 h → 1.2 sec; speed 1.7 sec → 1.8 sec

Zappies: targets ground and air

Hunter: range 5 → 4; bullet spread is a bit smaller (projectile range remains at 6.5)

Night witches: the Initial bats to spawn faster

Bats: speed 1sec → 1.1 sec

Lava Hound: Health +5%

The Goblin hut: spawn speed 4.9 sec. → 5 h (one less spawn in total)

Mini P. E. K. K.: Health +7%

Cleaver: Health +7%

Mortar: Minimum Range 4.5 → 3.5

Let us know what you think by leaving your opinion on reddit!

See you in the arena.

What Are Magic Items?

Magic Items are brand new items with mysterious powers that grant you immediate benefit! These powers range from helping you with upgrades to boosting various things in your village and army. You can win Magic Items when you unlock the higher reward tiers of Clan Games.

Magic Items bring instant benefit, but are consumed when they are used. Some examples of benefits that they can bring:

  • Finish a troop or spell upgrade instantly
  • Finish a building upgrade instantly
  • Boost your resource collectors
  • Get a maxed-out army temporarily

Magic Items that you have won will be stored in your Treasury - look for the new "Magic Items" button in the Clan Castle to view your complete inventory of Books and Potions! Magic Items can't be looted from your Treasury by your opponents, but you can only hold a limited number of each item at once.

Should you receive a Magic Item you have no use for or are just in dire need of Gems, you can sell the Magic Item for Gems.

There are several kinds of Magic Items, and you’ll see from their description whether they can (or can not) be used in Clan Wars, standard Multiplayer attacks and Versus Battles.


Manufacturer: Figures Clash

A lot went into making these little figures! The idea to bring the characters clash in the real world in the form of numbers first appeared in 2015. We created a prototype in our office in Seoul, Varvara and brought it to the team to have a look. We all agreed that it was pretty cool and to put in action our plan to get to work on the five characters from our games.

We knew that everything we did should be read as he walked right out of the game and in the world. When people get these and took them out of the box, they had to feel like a sequel and not just a random figure or statue. To get there, we need a great partner ready to help us get in the same high quality standards SuperCell applies to everything we do. We were lucky to find that partner in Kotobukiya.

As soon as we had a great partner, and some of the characters that we wanted to create, it all came down to the details... lots of details. If this was the right color choice for fabric back, out of hundreds of thousands of options to increase and decrease the size of the barbarian disciple, or adjust the angle of the bow a degree or two, we left no stone unturned. We felt that each element of each character will mean the difference between them feeling genuine concerns for the game and maybe just a little delighted.

We are very proud and excited to introduce our first six digits, and we're now shipping pre-orders. Your wizards P. E. K. K. A., archers, barbarians and princes will be home soon! We hope that these figures have met your expectations, if not, we look forward to your feedback.

База Строитель Кубок форума раунд 1 начинается сейчас! Присоединяйтесь к нам


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