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New Clan Badges!

We've got some new Clan Badges for all you Clashers that can - your Clan will unlock these as it levels up! Check out some of them below:


Watch Live Attacks!

Oh yes. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get watching one of your friends succeed? Well now you can head to your Friends List & Clan List and see how they fare in their own battles! It's a good way to learn and a GREAT way to see an attack!
Keep an eye out for the new sword icon to know there's a live attack happening - and tap the green 'Watch' button in the game to spectate it!
New Live War Attack Notification!

Afraid of missing a live War attack while watching a replay? Worry no more! Now, if you're replaying an attack (or even watching a live attack), you'll get a notification to let you know another live attack has started! Keep an eye out for the sword animation below:

Social & Clan Improvements!

We’ve got some great updates for you and your Clan! Some are big, some are small but all of them will make Battle Day go with a bang!

Get Yourself Connected!

Ever wondered how your friends clash? Or whether they’re even online? Of course you have! Well wonder no more!

Introducing...the Status Indicator for Clash friends! Woo-hoo! Before, you couldn’t tell if your friends were online, but with our trusty indicator, now you can! The big green light will show you WHICH of your friends are playing!

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