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Win the Rascals Draft Challenge using these tips from @OJeveryday!



Village News episode 2 is now live, and it takes a unique look at recent events within the Clash of Clans community! Watch it here:


A new round of Clan Games will start in just a few hours! 🎉 Are you ready?

In the meantime, check out all the details on points, tiers, and rewards!


Have you tried a new military instruments (the purpose of the lawsuit + to leave notes) in his last clanovi war? We would like to hear your thoughts and feedback!

You find this useful? Something you would like to add to this feature?


Hey Chief! - Will soon begin a technical break in about 15 minutes (server-side fixes and General content). We'll be back as soon as possible!


Maintenance BREAK

start from now on, chief! New clan wars. Funds on way: claim your aim, and leave notes for your teammates, on the map of the war!

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