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Announced at Slush 2018, the new school is supported by a strong lineup of Finnish tech companies and opens its doors for the first semester already in 2019.


Hive Helsinki is Finland’s first higher education level code school. Based on the successful École 42 concept, Hive Helsinki is an independent, non-profit and tuition-free initiative launched by Supercell together with partners from several high-profile organizations across the Finnish business sector.

Throughout the Hive program, students work closely with the business sector and the school’s partner organizations. At École 42, 80% of students find employment before completing the course. Hive Helsinki also provides an opportunity for life-long learning, as students are welcome to come back to the school to update their skills at any time.

Admission is based on aptitude for logical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork capability, rather than traditional entrance exams. The learning process at Hive Helsinki is based on solving real-world problems through peer-to-peer learning, rather than a traditional institutional structure. Hive Helsinki fosters diversity, welcoming students of all genders and from all walks of life, the only requirement being that the students need to be between 18-30 years old. The school is selective, but requires no previous knowledge of coding and does not assess students based on their previous academic success.


Brawl Stars has gone global. The Strongman and his Clan Games caravan are nowhere to be found. And rumors of a mysterious Masked Fighter with superhuman strength and unrivaled charisma have started to appear in the Village... hmm 🤔


In case you missed the BIG news, Brawl Stars has gone GLOBAL! 🎉

Join or start a Band with friends to share tactics and fight together across a variety of game modes, and unlock dozens of powerful Brawlers with super abilities!

Hey Chief
last day for this round of Clan Games! And don't forget that the one gem army boost is currently active: you can boost your Troops, Heroes, Spells and Siege Machines for only ONE GEM each!

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