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December 2018 Update - Patch Notes

The Winter 2018 Update has arrived!

There's a ton of new content in this release and we're here to break it all down for you!

New Troop: The Ice Golem

The Ice Golem is a brand new Dark Elixir Troop that unlocks at Town Hall 11 when you update your Dark Barracks to level 8.

New Spell: Bat Spell

The Bat Spell is a new Dark Elixir Spell that targets enemy defenses with an army of angry bats.

New Siege Machine: The Stone Slammer

The Stone Slammer is a brand new TH12 Siege Machine that targets enemy defenses from the skies by dropping devastating boulders and causes splash damage.

New Magic Items: Shovel of Obstacles & Hero Potion

The Shovel of Obstacles allows you to move a single obstacle on your village anywhere on the map.

The Hero Potion will grant your Hero +5 levels up to the max allowed for your Town Hall level.

New Building Levels

Dark Barracks level 8

Dark Spell Factory level 5

Siege Workshop level 3

Other Changes (Home Village)

New extra War Layout slots are available: first extra slot costs 1000 gems, second extra slot costs 1500 gems, third extra slot costs 2000 gems.

Players can change the Siege Machine/Clan Castle choice after the battle begins but before any units have been deployed.

Grand Warden mode can be changed during battle before it has been deployed

Any excess League Medals over the cap of 2500 will receive their rewards in the form of Gems. The conversion rate is 10 League Medals per Gem.

New Achievement: Signing in to your Supercell ID account.

Support for 2018 iPad Pro model.

Very wide screen devices like the iPhone X and Honor P20 will now have a bit more space to zoom out so players can see as much village as on other devices.

Settings menu: Enable/disable 2-row unit deployment bar in Home Village (tablets only, disabled by default).

Balance Changes (Builder Base)

Reduce Cannon Cart DPS by 15%

Make 3rd Cannon Cart available at level 10 instead of 16

Reduce Super P.E.K.K.A HP by 5%

Increase Baby Dragon HP by 7.5%

Reduce upgrade times of Builder Base troops in Star Laboratory

Make it possible to upgrade Gem Mine up to level 3 in Builder Hall level 3

Bug Fixes

The village editor view mode does not reset to normal when toggling erase mode while scout or wall mode is enabled.

Hide the effect of unarmed traps when scout or wall mode is enabled.

Fixed (again) Wall Wreckers getting stuck on decorations.

Fixed clan badge occasionally blinking for 1 frame when Clan Castle is in sleep mode.

Donated Siege Machines gives 30 housing space to Clan Games tasks.

Setting name during tutorial is correctly using profanity filter instead of causing out of sync.

Clock Tower boost will remain paused after maintenance

Before starting a battle in Builder Base, if a defensive building or trap is under construction it will show its proper level graphics in the icon.

Game Updates Dec 7, 2018

Builder Base Balancing Update

In today's post we're going to discuss some of the upcoming balance changes we'll be making to the Builder Base!

Cannon Cart

DPS reduced by 15%

3rd Cannon Cart unlocked at level 10

The Cannon Cart is one of the most popular and used units in the Builder Base in higher trophy ranges of Builder Hall level 8 players; however, it is not as popular or successful in lower trophy ranges and other BH levels. Coupled with its level 16 upgrade which adds a 3rd unit in each Army Camp, our statistics showed that the Cannon Cart at level 16 was a bit too powerful while levels 1-15 were under-utilized or under-powered. We felt that reducing the DPS while making the 3rd unit available early on will help offset this difference and make the Cannon Cart much more utilitarian across all levels.

Baby Dragon

HP increased by 7.5%

Statistically the Baby Dragon has very low usage across all trophy ranges. This is generally an indication a troop's utility is either too weak or doesn't provide a stable meta with other units. We have increased its HP in order to make the Baby Dragon more viable against air defenses and give it some additional survivability so it can be more effectively combo'd with other units.

Super P.E.K.K.A

HP reduced by 5%

When looking at the overall health of the game's meta, one of the things you want to look for is the frequency of how often a unit is selected. If players tend to favor one unit over another, resulting in less variety in the meta, we have to look at what we can do to increase variety. The Super P.E.K.K.A. is a unit, like the Cannon Cart, that is very highly used in higher trophy ranges. The goal of this HP reduction is to possibly reduce how often she's selected, thus creating the opportunity for a greater variety of options. Keeping a variety of options viable is one of the keys to a healthy metagame.

Star Laboratory

Upgrade times of Builder Base troops reduced

Once players find a strategy that suits them, it's natural for players to want to strengthen those troops to maximize that strategy's effectiveness. However, often times this means other unused troops will be left under-upgraded or under-utilized. What we've done is reduce the upgrade times for multiple troops in order to make using them a bit more tempting and, as mentioned earlier, keep the metagame as viable as possible with allowing greater options to be chosen.

Gem Mine

Gem Mine can be upgraded to level 3 at Builder Hall level 3

While not a direct change in game strategy, this is in-line with upgrade levels of other buildings in the Builder Base. Furthermore, this should allow a slight increase in the amount of Gems available at BH3.

Join us tomorrow for one last sneaky peek into December's update!

Clash on!

War Leagues!

The battle for top Clan has arrived! Clan War Leagues are here and with their arrival comes a mountain of content! In this update you’ll find:

To Be the Best You’ll Need the Best

Everything - faster upgrades, new Town Hall level, new Troops - has been building up to Clan War Leagues. Now it’s time for WAR!

The Clan War Leagues are a brand new competitive Clan War system where one week each month Clans will battle to prove they are the best in the world and climb 18 Leagues and reap amazing new exclusive rewards.

Season-based League structure where Clans fight 7 other Clans in their League to advance to the next highest League.

Skill and performance are what determine your success, not war weight.

18 individual Leagues based on you Clan’s performance.

15v15 Wars but you can include up to 50 Clan members and rotate players during each day of the week.

New currency: League Medals!

Earn League Medals and Resources by competing in Clan War Leagues!

Use League Medals in the new League Shop to purchase exclusive decorations and the new Hammer Magic Items.

Depending on your Clan’s performance in a League, Clan Leaders can grant additional bonus League Medals to Clan members at the end of the League.

18 Leagues with amazing rewards

We’ve broken down the Clan War Leagues into 18 distinct tiers. Each season, depending on your Clan’s performance, your Clan will move up, down, or remain within the same League.

Leagueaaaaaaa Medals per Win aaaaaaa Medals per Staraaaaaa Tier Rewards Guaranteed Bonus # of Clans promoted

aaaaaaaaa # of Clans demoted


Champions I







Champions II







Champions III







Master I







Master II







Master III







Crystal I







Crystal II







Crystal III







Gold I







Gold II







Gold III







Silver I







Silver II







Silver III







Bronze I







Bronze II







Bronze III







New Defense: Tornado Trap

The Tornado Trap releases a vortex, drawing all enemy troops within its range and hindering their progress.

Available starting at Town Hall 11



Trigger Radius: 3 Tiles

Damage Type: Splash

DPS: 8

Area of Effect: 3 Tiles

Favorite Target: Any

Targets: Ground & Air

Level 1 (TH11):

3000000 Gold

Duration: 6 Seconds

Re-Arm Cost: 2000 Gold

Level 2 (TH11):

4000000 Gold

Upgrade Time: 2 Days

Duration: 8 Seconds

Re-Arm Cost: 3000 Gold

Level 3 (TH12):

5000000 Gold

Upgrade Time: 3 Days

Duration: 10 Seconds

Re-Arm Cost: 4000 Gold

Brand New Magic Items!


Hammers are a new class of Magic Items that instantly start and finish an upgrade. This includes resources and upgrade timer, whereas the Book Magic Items only completed the upgrade timer.

Hammers can only be purchased with League Medals which are earned from Clan War Leagues and can only be purchased from the new League Shop tab.

Hammer of Heroes - Instantly start and finish a Hero upgrade.

Hammer of Building - Instantly start and finish a Building upgrade.

Hammer of Spells - Instantly start and finish a Spell upgrade.

Hammer of Troops - Instantly start and finish a Troop upgrade.

Clock Tower Potion

Hand-crafted from ground-up magic cogs, the Clock Tower Potion will activate your Builder Base Clock Tower for 30 minutes!

The Goblin Uprising Has Begun!

For many years, the Goblin King’s minions have been silently plotting a return to the Clash world. They’ve returned with a vengeance, bringing an onslaught of new and treacherous challenges for you to conquer!

25 all-new single-player Goblin Villages!

More Resource rewards for beating the new Villages including Dark Elixir.

Loot 17.4 million Gold, 17.4 million Elixir, and 166,500 Dark Elixir from all 25 Goblin Villages.

New Achievements for earning Stars and completing the final Goblin level.

As we're putting the final touches on our upcoming December 2018 update, first we wanted to touch on something that's being changed in the game.

We are making a change to how storing Magic Items won from troop events work. After this update, you will no longer be able to stack Magic Items beyond their intended capacity when you complete an in-game event.

If you have reached the maximum capacity of a specific Magic Item, you will receive a message stating you do not have enough room for this Magic Item until you clear enough space to obtain it (you can use or sell Magic Items to make room for new ones).

However, you will have until the in-game event finishes to clear enough space in your Magic Items inventory! During that time, there will be a button on the in-game event status tracker that will allow you to claim the Magic Item once you have cleared enough space in your inventory.

To sum it up:

- if you have free storage space for a specific Magic Item, then it will automatically be added to your Magic Item Storage once you complete a troop event;

- if you do not have enough free space to store a particular Magic Item, first you'll have to free up some space, and then tap the "Claim" button from the event tracker. Those Magic Items will then be transferred to your Magic Item inventory, as well as the XP won from completing that challenge.

Should you have any questions or doubts about this topic, come and chat to us on our Forums!

Clash On!

The Clash of Clans Team

Clan War Leagues Are Coming!

During our 6th Clashiversary livestream, we dropped a hint for something we’ve been working on just over the horizon...

We’re now ready to reveal the next Clash of Clans update! This October, Clans will be able to be a part of an exciting new feature: Clan War Leagues!

Skill-based matchmaking? Check! Competitive ladder? Check! Amazing rewards? Double CHECK!

We're introducing a host of tantalizing new content with the Clan War Leagues update. The premise of the War Leagues is simple! Your Clan will be grouped with seven other Clans into a League. During the course of the League week, you will wage a 15 vs 15 War against each of those Clans. At the end of the week, the Clans with the highest number of Stars will be promoted to the next highest League tier, while the bottom performing Clans will drop down to a lower tier.

How do we enter a War League? It’s easy! The opt-in period will happen once per month, and the War League will take place for eight days. Even though League Wars will be 15 vs 15, but there are opportunities to let others wage War during the League week as you can always rotate players in.

Oh and did we mention that each Clanmate gets only ONE attack in each Battle day, instead of the two attacks in regular Clan Wars?

There will be 18 League Tiers in total, with plenty of room to strive to be the best. The higher you climb, the more tantalizing the rewards are!

We’ve got more details coming in the days ahead, so in the meantime let us know your thoughts on our Forums! 

Clash On!

The Clash of Clans Team

October '18 Balancing Update

Hi Chief!

Besides the super exciting Clan War Leagues, the upcoming October update that is just around the corner will also bring some balancing changes. Keep reading to find out more about these in detail, or watch this short video for the abridged version!


Wall Breaker

Training costs reduced

Level 2: 1500 > 1250

Level 3: 2000 > 1500

Level 4: 2500 > 1750

Level 5: 3000 > 2000

Level 6: 3500 > 2250

Level 7: 4000 > 2500

Level 8: 4500 > 2750


Training Costs reduced

Level 1: 450 > 300

Level 2: 525 > 375

Level 3: 600 > 450

Level 4: 675 > 525

Level 5: 750 > 600

Level 6: 825 > 675

Level 7: 900 > 750

Level 8: 975 > 825

Baby Dragon

Training costs reduced

Level 1: 15000 > 10000

Level 2: 16000 > 11000

Level 3: 17000 > 12000

Level 4: 18000 > 13000

Level 5: 19000 > 14000

Level 6: 20000 > 15000


Training Costs reduced

Level 1: 250 > 175

Level 2: 350 > 225

Level 3: 450 > 275

Level 4: 550 > 325

Level 1

HP: reduced from 320 to 300

Level 2

DPS: reduced from 120 to 110

HP: reduced from 360 to 320


Training Costs reduced

Level 1: 130 > 110

Level 2: 150 > 130

Level 3: 170 > 150

Level 4: 190 > 170

Gem Donation Costs Adjusted

Gem Donation costs have been reduced for the following units:

Balloon: 5 > 3 gems

Wizard: 5 > 3 gems

Dragon: 25 > 15 gems

P.E.K.K.A: 25 > 15 gems

Hog Rider: 5 > 3 gems

Valkyrie: 8 > 6 gems

Golem: 30 > 20 gems

Witch: 15 > 10 gems

Lava Hound: 30 > 20 gems

Bowler: 8 > 5 gems

Baby Dragon: 10 > 8 gems

Electro Dragon: 30 > 20 gems

And increased for the Giant:

Giant: 2 > 3 gems

Siege Machines

Reduced Siege Machine training times: training times are now flat 20 minutes across all levels.

Reduced Siege Machine training costs: training cost is now flat 100.000 gold across all levels.

Donating Siege Machines gives 30 XP, and counts 30 towards your donation count.


Inferno Tower

Additional Inferno Tower added to TH12


Damage per Second has been adjusted

Level 3: 80 > 70

Level 4: 90 > 80

Level 5: 110 > 100

Eagle Artillery

Damage per Hit and Shockwave Damage values have been adjusted:

Level 1: Hit damage 250 > 300, shockwave damage 15 > 20

Level 2: Hit damage 300 > 350, shockwave damage 20 > 25

Level 3: Hit damage 350 > 400, shockwave damage 25 > 30

Air Defense

Hitpoints have been adjusted:

Level 7: 1110 > 1100

Level 8: 1170 > 1200

Level 9: 1230 > 1300

Level 10: 1290 > 1400

Air Bombs (red ones):

New level added to TH12

Reduced activation radius from 5 tiles to 4 tiles


New level added to TH11

Shortened the detonation delay from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds to make them reliably hit a larger variety of different troops triggering them.

Resource Collectors

Gold Mine: new level added for TH10

Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10

Dark Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10


Up to 200 Wall Pieces can now be upgraded to level 13 (previously only 100 could be upgraded).

Created by SuperCell