Building a Village Use resources to construct buildings, walls and defenses to repel enemies and protect your hard-earned loot.
Designing Your Base Master the art of the layout to protect your Town Hall, trophies and resources from enemy attackers.
Defending Your Turf Upgrade defenses, walls and traps to make the best base in the game.
Army Buildings Train troops in the Barracks, brew Spells in your Spell Factory, and make them all stronger in your Laboratory.
Single Player and Multiplayer Defeat the Goblin Horde in single player mode and attack players from around the world to earn trophies and collect loot.
You and This Army Each troop has its own unique strengths and weaknesses—experiment with different combinations to defeat your opponents.
Play Together, Win Together Unlock Clans at Town Hall 3 and unite with other Clashers to share troops and experience epic Clan Wars.
Need Reinforcements? Request reinforcement troops from your fellow Clan members for extra firepower in attack and defense.
Epic Clan Wars Fight massive wars against enemy Clans to earn bonus loot, Clan XP and Clan perks.
Created by SuperCell