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Next Up: Air Attack Games!

Hey Chief,

Our next Clan Games are just around the corner. In these Air Attack Games, all Challenges related to air attacks and air defenses will receive boosted points! Here are the details for the Games:

Dates: Dec 6 - 12

Points per player: 4000

Tier 1: 3000p

Rewards: Gold (20%), Elixir (20%), Training Potion (x1)

Tier 2: 7500p

Rewards: Gold/Dark Elixir (30%), Training Potion (x2), Resource Potion (x1)

Tier 3: 12000p

Rewards: Gold (50%), Elixir (50%), Power Potion (x2)

Tier 4: 18000p

Rewards: Wall Ring (x5), Builder Potion (x2), Power Potion (x3)

Tier 5: 30000p

Rewards: Book of Building (x1), Gold (80%), Wall Ring (x10)

Tier 6: 50000p

Rewards: Book of Heroes (x1), Resource Potion (x5), Wall Ring (x10)

Boosted Challenges:

Balloon Blitz

Power Healing

Horde Havoc

Dragon Mayhem

Lava is Love

Baby Dragon Storytime

Beta Minion Brawl

Baby Dragon Bamboozle

Battle Blimp Boogie

Electro Dragon Mania

Destroy Air Sweepers

Destroy Air Defenses

Drop Ship Night Ride

Firecracker Tackle

Bombs Away!

And that's it for now! See you tomorrow for one rocky sneak peek into the next update!

Clash on!

Created by SuperCell