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Bug with missing Clan Games and Boosts should now be fixed and everything back to normal! Let us know if you're still experiencing any issues!
Tournament password and info released at 1,000 retweets... ❄️🐷

Try out the new balance update in a 1,000 player tournament hosted by us!

Tournament name: @ClashRoyale
Password: buffrg

If you missed the Town Hall 12 update livestream on June 10th, not to worry! Check out this highlight video covering some of the most exciting action from the stream!  

It's time for the Clan Games! In this round, all troop-related tasks award bonus points!

We will have a maintenance break today to do some server upkeep and deploy additional stability fixes and improvements. As usual, we'll try to keep the downtime as short as possible! 😊

In other news - all live boost/discount events have now been extended until June 25th!


ALL TROOP training costs are at 50% off! Valid until June 18th, don't miss out!

(And don't forget the one-gem resource & attack boost too!)


⚠️ Another optional update out now for Android! ⚠️

Includes additional stability fixes. Please visit Google Play as soon as possible and update to new version 10.322.10! Thank you!


The one-gem resource and attack boost is on!

Double your resource production and get full armies faster (includes troop training, spell brewing and Hero healing) during this event!

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